Is it possible to extend the cable of IWC Replica Watches temperature probes and, if yes, what measures must be taken?

Yes, it’s possible to extend the cable within the limits appearing on the table shown here below:
PTC1000, 2 wires x0.35 sqmm: up to 20 m without compensation
NTC, 2 wires x0.35 sqmm: up to 20 m without compensation
Pt100, 3 wires x0.24 sqmm: self compensation
TC: self compensating special cable
Transmitter 0..1V: up to 10 m

Cables must never run together with leads carrying large currents.

On the instrument the Rolex Replique Montre inscription “Output.. 8(3)A 240 Vac” appears. What is its meaning?

Conventionally this inscription is used to indicate the maximum switchable currents. For example, with what we indicated above we mean that for a load working at Tag Heuer Replica 240Vac the maximum current is 8 Amp. if purely resistive and 3 Amp. If inductive, as in the case of an electrical motor.

Why does the instrument controlling my refrigerator switch off the compressor at a temperature different from the setpoint?

In many of our instruments there are several adjustments that generate this phenomenon, among these the slowdown parameter and the display offset. Such settings Tag Heuer Replica Watches have got the aim to simulate the product temperature on the display, although the probe measures the air temperature. In some cases, as for example in the CDC123, there’s also a third probe designed for the display and it’s different from the thermostat probe.

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